About Me

     Oh where to start? The beginning? Kinda boring. I started cooking as early as I can remember, even if Mom was faking me through it. I also had a healthy relationship with food. I love veggies to beef. And was not a picky eater. That changed as I got older and I battled weight issues. The picture of Ronald McDonald and the employees on my blog post "Modern Dining Etiquette part2", the white dude is me at 200 lbs.
     I have come a long way at an average weight of 160 now! I owe it all to MMA.  I have been more active and concerned about what I eat.  I have made some good friends and have trained under some very talented coaches.  They all pushed me to do things I thought I could never do.  Like compete in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.  And full on spar 200 pound guys.  I also LOVE snowboarding and have had to many adventures in the back country of San Diego & Big Bear to even start.
     Back to the food.  I have had or done just about every job in the food industry from dishwasher to manager.  My first job was peeling apples for a bakery at 3A.M.  I love the restaurant business and always have.  I enjoy both sides.  Having a meal out with the right company can make your day!  I now serve tables at a restaurant here in Wichita Falls.  I take joy in my job.  I often leave fulfilled and that's a good feeling.
     When I moved out here I had the idea for this blog, which continues to evolve.  It started as just the idea to review the wealth of local restaurants. But has since become a place to share my recipes in a fun new way.  And has become an outlet for my idea to write a modern dining etiquette guide due to the ridiculousness I witness daily.  I am no professional but have worked for 13 plus years in the food biz.  I have no sophisticated palate but what I do have is the "Taste of America".  You will not often see me in a nice establishment.  That's not what it's about for me.  I go into the whole in the wall places where it's mom and pop.  Where you get the local favorites.  You can expect simple honest reviews, and fun recipes!

   Love Food, Live Life