Sunday, March 18, 2018

Gyros & Kabobs Falafel! Plant Based Options in Wichita Falls Pt. 1

I really miss restaurant reviews. One of my favorite things to do in the past was to go to a restaurant and give my opinions and feed back of my experience visiting one. Now that I am going plant based (for the most part) I have been searching for vegan restaurant options online in Wichita Falls. There are none. There are plenty of vegetarian options of course, any place that serves a salad is considered having vegetarian choices from what I can see.

I think I must make the distinction now that I am not vegan. I am not concerned so much with the cruelty to animals and the use of animal products as I am concerned with my health. If you follow the blog you will know I made the choice of going plant based to see if my health improves; and not out of a moral decision. I think I should make this clear here and now. My family goes out to dinner on Monday nights and I made the decision that on these nights I would choose to eat vegetarian over vegan. There is no way I will not join my family on these nights out. Going plant based is my burden and not the burden of my family or the restaurant. In this day and age it is just silly to think you can get a totally plant based option in an American restaurant. By this I mean the cooking equipment will come into contact with animal products. I choose the label of "Plant Based" because it gives me some wiggle room. Vegan on the other hand is to restrictive. Maybe one day vegan will be simple, but for now it is not. If you have a problem with this line of thinking then this blog is not for you and I am sorry.

Okay so as I was saying before I went off into a tangent; I could not find a vegan option in Wichita Falls. I was looking for vegan because I was curious and I was dining alone. As I mentioned before I love to dine out, and one of my fears of this dietary change was setting in. How many choices do I have here in this small city? I had already chosen to go the vegetarian route when out with my family but could I stay plant based while eating out on my own? Well the answer is yes, but options are limited. I am also not clear if to be vegan the restaurant must be completely meat free. If you have an opinion or answer on this please leave a comment below. I for now am going with the definition plant based. This is of course as I mentioned to give me some wiggle room while dining out.

Let's get to the point of the blog post now! My first attempt to stay plant based led me to one of my favorite restaurants in Wichita Falls again. I was craving a falafel. I grew up in the back country of San Diego and lived in downtown San Diego for a short time. During this time had a friend who's family owned a small Lebanese restaurant, and he introduced me to the falafel. I always had a hard time believing this was a vegetarian meal. I loved this on the go almost burrito like meal. So I had to search for a place to get a falafel in Wichita Falls. Gyros & Kebobs popped up in Zomato so I had to get a taste of my past and I was off!

The falafel offered here has lettuce, tomato, black olive, onion, and of course falafel balls. It comes with taztikki sauce and fetta cheese so you need to order it without them to stay plant based. They do have humus as well so I imagine you could ask to substitute the taztikki with humus. I chose to go with the taztikki, I was on my second week with not dairy or meat so I treated myself. The only thing I have a complaint about was the actual falafel was dry. It looked like it was quartered and then fried which of course would lead to the falafel being dried out while cooking. The price was great at around $6. The service was very friendly and speedy. I would recommend this for sure for a quick bite. 

I give it a 3 out of five apples for a rating. It would have been a four if the falafel was not dried out. I reserve the 5 apple rating for a must try so it ranks decently. If your wanting something different or something quick this is a great pick. Let me know if you know of a place I can get another falafel in Wichita Falls. If you go to Gyros & Kebobs and order one I would love to hear what you think.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know in the comments below where your favorite plant based meals can be found. I would love to go try them.

Love food, live life!
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