Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sidecar Brewery, From Dream to Reality! I Land my Dream Job!

     Dreams can come true, I have been offered my dream job! This job hinges on the dreams of others of course. There is no option to fail, There is only moving the dream forward for a small team of people; and those people carry a passion that few in this ever expanding field of corporate restaurants have in this modern day and age.

     I live in the small city of Wichita Falls Texas, I moved here seven years ago due to family issues and circumstances beyond my control. In this small but food and service heavy town I made my fresh start. Since I grew up on the outskirts of San Diego California, I mean the high country of San Diego, this was not such a big change. As big as Wichita Falls is or as small as it may appear, this city beats with the heart and soul of America. We love our family and friends. We love our city. We only wish to see all of the above succeed.

I now get to help this local Texas brewery grow into, hopefully, a powerhouse of local achievement. As you can see the kitchen is a work in progress. This of course is a not the heartbeat but a compliment to the heart of the brewery. Master Brewer Joe Hayes and myself will be working close together to build a menu to compliment his craft beer.

Our plan is to keep the menu Texas fresh and Texas seasonal. Our aim is not to make the food of Sidecar an afterthought, but to make the food a compliment to a mastered craft. We will be featuring a Gastropub menu that will change with the seasons. My first thought is to keep the menu very short and simple until we catch a groove. We will focus on presentation and freshness then move on to a more sophisticated menu if our clientele permits. 

This opportunity is what dreams are made of.  Carry on, keep your head down, and persevere. You can only come out out on the other side stronger and more ready to face the struggles ahead. Not only do we as a team get to build this business from the ground up, we get to introduce the city of Wichita Falls to a new way to approach food. 

Please join us! While the opening date is soft and looking towards the end of June 2017 this is a push date. I will do my best to make it happen but it may take just a slight bit more time for this to actually happen. If you have any questions please ask below in the comments. I hope you join us as we build the kitchen. I hope to post from start to finish and beyond!
902 Broad St
Wichita Falls, Texas
Call (940) 767-2739