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Market to Menu Monday! Week 1! a blogger link party in the making...

O.K. First thing is first.  I got the idea of a blogger link party from Jennifer over at Peas and Crayons (What I ate Wednesday).  Lets link up and share!  The link party in general was a fabulous idea in of it's own but this one gives you a glimpse into your favorite bloggers lives outside the normal "Due it up for the blogs sake" eating habits.  While this is still a "Due it up" concept my hope is to get people cooking fresh.  I want you to get out to your local Farmer's Market and obtain the most fresh ingredients possible!  I realize you may not have access to a Farmers Market.  That is totally okay!  Just get down to your local grocer and buy fresh cut meats and vegetables.  Visit the organic section of the produce and see the difference it can make.

Your recipes DO NOT NEED TO BE ORIGINAL by any means.  You must however provide a link to the original source.  GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE!!!!!!!!!!! You must  copy the Market to Menu Monday button and post it on YOUR Market to Menu Monday post so your followers may join in the party.  Aside from that send me a link to your post.  I will review it and post it if all the requirements are met.
Keep in mind I work full time so it may not be immediate but will be as prompt as possible.  My email address is under my profile.  Please put MMM week #1 or 2 or whatever week it may be in the subject so it will grab my attention. is my email!!!
So here we go!

My Market to Menu Monday Week#1

I headed down to my local Farmers Market and let me tell you.  As a Foodie it was like a playground!  All the fresh food and the other Foodies there enjoying the atmosphere as much as you!  They may not realize they are Foodies but they are.  They are there for the freshest food they can get their hands on!  You can talk to the Farmer's and see just what they do to grow.  Your involved first hand with the grower.  Get to know them.  Some may use pesticides you are against.  That is okay.  Just go to the next vendor until you find what you are looking for.

My first Market to Menu Monday recipe hit me almost instantly.  A garden fresh salsa.  I got my hands on fresh mini bell peppers, red, yellow, and orange.  I got fresh jalapeno and purple onion as well as tomatoes.  I also went to a local Mexican Meat Market that features fresh meats and produce with a Latin flare.  I picked up some cilantro, lime, and k-limes.  I also found fresh tamarind.  It is sweet and sour and my ADDICTION! 

Market Fresh Salsa
Here is what you'll need:

2 or 3 fresh tomatoes
6 mini sweet bell pepper
1 small fresh purple onion
1 medium tamarind de-seeded
3 fresh garlic cloves
some fresh cilantro to taste
2 fresh limes
3 fresh k-limes
2 fresh jalapeno (save at least half the seeds from one for some heat if not more!)

Zest the all the limes and k-limes and juice them itno your food proccesor.  Dice all your remaining ingredients and toss them in the food processor. Boom!!! Blitz and your done.  TASTE! TASTE! TASTE!  What I like and what you like may be two different things.  It is a recipe and not a code of law.  MAKE IT YOUR OWN!  Taste the tamarind before you throw it in.  You may not like it.  That is fine!

I also made some tacos, rattle snake bites (bacon wrapped jalapeno stuffed with string cheese) and fresh corn chips to round out a meal.  And if you have been to Mexico you know you gotta have a coke with lime and a pinch of salt!  I used butcher fresh ground beef and a 1/4 pound of fresh chorizo to 1 pound of beef for my tacos.  If you use the chorizo make sure you DRAIN IT WELL!  It is very greasy and can ruin the meal.  I use purple cabbage instead of lettuce along with carrot and purple onion to top the tacos!!!

Okay so now your turn! Whats on your Market to Menu Monday?....

 Love Food, Live Life!

Get out, Get fresh, Get cooking, Get blogging!
Market to Menu Mondays!


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