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Back Porch Drafthouse #SupportLocal

As my quest to #SupportLocal continues I was once again looking for a place I had not tried yet and had an open dining room. I asked a friend if he wanted to join me, that way I could get a taste of more than one dish. My appetite is not as hearty as it once was so I don't think I could even try an appetizer with my meal. I could have taken the leftovers I suppose but overall having a friend with you is part of the experience I think if you are not just trying to eat out of necessity. He suggested Back Porch Drafhouse. I had never been there before and I am not sure why. I never heard anything bad about the place so it was time to give them a visit. 

So they do have four locations, two in Oklahoma and two in Texas. This is the kind of restaurant that could really use your support in these times. While they have moved beyond the mom and pop status they are still nowhere near a corporate giant. They are arguably in the most dangerous stage of expansion. Then being forced to shut the dining room down for two months by a pandemic I am sure has put them in a tough spot. I am not sure if they did curbside or delivery but I could not find an option to order food online via their site. 


Back Porch Drafthouse has a classic American feel. It looks like those diners I would go into while traveling along Route 66.  They have lots of decore on the walls that range from neon lights, hubcaps, and old signage. Don't get me wrong though, this place was sparkling clean. And I don't remember music playing. That is not to say that there was none but at least if it was it was quiet enough to be what it is supposed to be, background music. I hate going to a place that has a radio blaring. I don't want to fight over the music to talk to my friends. For me, it was the perfect take on a bar that serves great food. Not overbearing and very comfortable. The service was awesome as well. I arrived later than my friend and was never made to feel rushed. She brought me my water then we ordered a beer before we ordered our food. We both decided to try a Martin House Sour Pickle Beer. Goodness, this beer was amazing! I love pickles and have been buying Best Maid Spicy Pickles for awhile now. So this just put two of my favorite things together. I have seen there is a spicy version of this beer so I will keep an eye out for that!

Okay, okay let's get back on track here and talk about the menu. Of course, they are a drafthouse or tap house so they have an awesome beer menu ranging from domestic, imported, and craft beer. On tap, bottled, or caned they have you covered. I would imagine that the craft beer rotates to keep it fresh and up to date with what is going on in the brewery scene. They even had some of our local brewery's beer available which I really appreciate but I had already tired the beer they had on offer. They also offer wine and have a full bar with some house specialties. Not to mention happy hour! (2p.m.-7p.m. Half price domestics.) But the best thing for a foodie like me was the food menu. Talk about a perfectly rounded southern style gastropub selection!

I am so glad they have made it through this pandemic because I have a lot to go back for. This menu was right up my alley. One of the first things I noticed when I walked in was that smokey bbq smell. And you can see it all over the menu. And jalapenos everywhere! So many items have some sort of jalapeno involved somewhere. I am addicted to spicy foods and hot sauce so I just felt so at home here. Let me be clear there are plenty of items that do not have jalapeno and I am sure if you do your due diligence and read the menu you can have them hold the jalapeno. While it seems they specialize in smash burgers there is something for everyone. Salads, soups, wraps, seafood, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and a kids menu for the little ones. 

Alright, let's get into the food we tried! My friend ordered the Mother Porker: Shaved Ham, Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork, Swiss, Jalapeno Bacon Jam, PBR Caramelized Onions, BP Slaw, Pickles, Secret Sauce. With the Fully Loaded Queso Cheese Fries: Killer Queso, Chopped Bacon, Green Onions, Pickled Jalapenos, Buttermilk Ranch

I ordered the Smoked Jalapeno Patty Melt: Butter Toasted Sourdough, Smoked Jalapenos, PBR Caramelized Onions, Swiss, American, Secret Sauce, Pickles I just got regular fries but I did steal his for the photos because they just looked epic. 

We split our sandwiches in half so we could both get a taste, see this is where having a friend comes in super handy! I will start with my patty melt. I had been craving a patty melt, to be honest, so once I saw it and that it had smoked jalapenos on it I was sold. The buttery bread was grill toasted perfectly. Not so much butter I had to wipe my hands every time I reached for my beer. The burger was juicy and the cheese was nice and gooey. The stars though for me were those onions and smoked jalapeno. This patty melt was not spicy though, not sure why. You would expect it to be but it did not have much heat. That was okay with all that flavor packed into this sandwich, it did not even dawn on me until I started writing this. As for the fries I was really happy. I absolutely love skinny shoestring fires and these are the skinniest fries I have had since I moved to Texas ten years ago. Nice and crispy lightly salted scrumptious fry goodness. I did order the secret sauce on the side because I have a love-hate relationship with secret sauce. Some are great and some are just a disaster. This one however was the type I like. It was tangy and not sweet. Next time I will just order this as is. 

Smoked Jalapeno Patty Melt & Fully Loaded Queso Cheese Fry

The Mother Porker was out of this world! Everything on this sandwich just worked so well together. I have started smoking foods recently so I have a new found love for it. The smoked pulled pork just sang! I tried it by itself and I could have easily just eaten this on its own and been happy. Then you had the ham which was grilled so it released some of that fat. I really did not think I would be able to taste the ham but you could for sure. The slaw was crisp and zippy, there is nothing worse than a sad droopy chewy slaw. And this jalapeno bacon jam, let me tell you this stuff is freaking unbelievably tasty. It has a kick, with that salt from the bacon, and sweetness of being a jam this stuff just blew my mind. This is umami in its essence and encapsulates the local area. This is the type of food I would expect you to search out if you visit Texoma. For those of you that aren't from here, this is what the local area is called. It encompasses parts of Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma. 

The Mother Porker & Fully Loaded Queso Cheese Fries!

The final rating is a 5 out of 5 apples! This place is a must-try!

Now that I have been here I can't believe it took me so long. If you are passing through and looking for that taste of modern southern food this is a place you must consider. I am really looking forward to going back and trying more of the menu. Also, I forgot to mention they have a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays that has its own menu. They have a Sunday Funday Cocktail menu as well, keep in mind that in Texas you can not order alcohol until after 12p.m.! Definitely going to go try this when I get a chance. 

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