Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Shan's Aloo Bhaji - Plant Based Product Review! (Spicy Curry Potato Soup)

I love trying new foods. One of my problems is that I can get bored rather quickly eating the same thing even a couple times a month. I am sure I am not the only one right? That is one of the reasons I enjoy doing the blog so much. It gives me a reason to cook and try new recipes on a regular basis. I can rotate my favorites in and out and along the way I can swap in new favorites and allow more time before going back to an older one. 

One of my favorite cuisines is Indian, unfortunately there are not many options here in Wichita Falls. I could only find two, and I have tried them both. They are really good actually and now that I am plant based I will have to go back and see what options they offer. Indian food is known for its use of veggies so it should not be unthinkable these restaurants would have a few menu items I will not have to change to fit my new dietary needs.
Okay so enough of all that it is time to get to the point of this post. We have a very cool International Grocers here in Wichita Falls. It is on the corner of Southwest Parkway and Fairway right next to the Little Caesar's. It has tons of raw grains, legumes, beans, spices, and meal mixes. This place is great if you're looking for something different or a decent price on bulk beans, rice, and legumes. It had been some time since I last visited this little shop so I headed back there to see what I could find. This was only my second week of being plant based so I was on the hunt for new flavors.

I browsed the store for a while and decided I would buy some of the Shan Recipe Mixes. This would save me some time since I was still struggling with cooking two to three meals a day and let me try some new and exciting flavors. The first one I decided to try was the Aloo Bhaji, a spicy potato curry soup. I decided to add some more veggies to the recipe which called for tomato, cilantro and chillie peppers. I grabbed some corn, carrots, and chick peas and got to cooking. This recipe was so easy and fast!

All you do is use 8 cups of water and add the veggies with the spice mix and bring to a boil. I was not really in the mood for a soup. I had some leftover rice so I poured some of the Aloo Bahji on top of the rice and garnished with some green onion. Over all I loved this meal. The only complaint I have is that there were Fengu Greek Seeds, these seeds are bitter and I had never had them before. It almost ruined the dish for me. Keep in mind this is just my personal take on these seeds. They really do balance out the rich flavor of the sauce, they are just not my thing.

I would recommend trying trying some of these mixes. If you are in a time crunch these are perfect. If you have always wanted to try new flavors but lack confidence in your cooking skills these recipe mixes are perfect. From what I can tell they are all minimal in the other ingredients you need and have very easy to follow instructions. If you try one let me know about it in the comments below. Let me know your favorite if you have tried them before as well. Remember cooking is only as difficult as you make it! 

(Note that this recipe says it does have traces of Gluten, but if you are not celiac you should have no problem)
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