Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Amy's Tamale Verde - Plant Based Product Review! (Gluten Free!)

Hello everyone! It's time for another plant based product review. I had no idea there were so many options out there. As I have mentioned before I am new to this diet and one of my struggles has been meal planning. I am getting better at it but still struggle a bit. One of my problems is that I just get bored eating the same thing twice in a week. I am always in a time crunch it seems, like the majority of us. It is nice to know that there are healthier fast choices we can make. My fear was that they would be bland and tasteless. Come to find out this is far from the truth!

We have all been there. Getting home from a long day at work and not having the energy or at times the pantry is running bare. As I was talking to a friend at work they mentioned Amy's frozen dinners had some good plant based dinners I should try. So one Saturday night after working a double shift I went to a local market and picked one up.

I chose to try the Tamale Verde. When I got home I poured a glass of wine and popped it in the microwave. It does not look like the meal on the package which is typical. I instantly almost thought I made the wrong choice. As it cooked I began to change my mind. It smelled wonderful. I sat down to eat it and boy was I surprised!

This little meas was actually wonderful! The texture of the masa was perfect. It looked soggy but was not as water logged as it appeared. The chili verde was zesty and had a hint of spice. The problem I have had in the past with frozen meals and rice being dried out was not the case here. The rice cooked perfectly and had a punch of flavor that left me wanting more. As you can see in the picture the filling was not as plentiful as the on the box, but it was just the right amount. One of the issues with even homemade tamales is to much masa. That was not a problem here. I really enjoyed this meal for what it was. My only complaint is the price. These meals while a bit smaller than other frozen meals are about a dollar more. This confuses me. I have been saving money on my grocery bill and these meals cost more? It must be that it is considered a specialty item and maybe they don't sell as many so they need to charge more. If you have an insight as to why they cost more please leave a comment below.

In summary I would recommend Amy's Tamale Verde if your felling lazy or just don't have the time to cook. While slightly better for you than the typical frozen dinner it is of course packed with sodium and other preservatives. The flavor is amazing and the texture of the meal over all was very pleasant. Again I would not make it a habit to eat like this for your health. But I have to admit I have two more in my freezer along with a couple more dinners I want to try.

Remember cooking is only as complicated as you make it! That is if you have the time to cook!

Love food, live life!

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