Sunday, May 26, 2013

La Michoacana Taqueria

     If you are looking for that street food thrill I found a place for you!  The food is still rather Americanized in some aspects but most certainly more authentic in others.  It is cafeteria style and you have several options for ordering, allowing you to mix at least two flavors per plate if not more.  They offer Horchata, Tamarindo, and a few other traditional beverages.  I suggest walking up and taking a look before you order for a couple reasons.  First reason being if you pay at the cash register, outside the dining area, you need to still pay before eating and your food gets cold.  Plus I think that is how it works, you take your ticket from the register to the cafe and they fill your order.  The second reason is you are eating in a meat market.  Now I am placing my reputation on the line every time I recommend a place to eat so I have to be honest, and I know you expect me to be honest.  You really need to take a good look just like at a buffet but with a more critical eye.  I say this because it would be sill to think they are cooking gourmet cuts of meat.  I would have to say it is how they make up some profit margin I'm sure.  That is just my personal opinion though.

     OK now on to the FOOD!

My Mom has gotten to be bolder and more adventurous with restaurant and food choices since she has become my partner in dine!  Haha!  I was not going to ask her to order out of her comfort zone since just trying the cafe was bold enough.  When she learned the enchiladas were potato and not meat or cheese she almost said no. "No, you really want one I said, it is not what you expect."  The cook gave her a sample enchilada and she was sold.  They where perfectly seasoned and cooked.  Not mushy or crunchy; the potato with the corn tortilla and red sauce is just a natural combination.  The beans were fabulous as well.  Not re fried but more of a ranch style which I prefer.  The rice was not so good.  It was dry,stale, and overcooked to the point of no flavor.

My Aunt had Carne Asada Tacos that brought me back to Guadalajara.  Small corn tortillas and flavorful beef and onions.  Simple and done right no need to fudge around with the classic.

I had to be more bold and go for the Lingua (Beef Tongue).  I had some carnitas to go with it, a safer choice so I did not leave hungry if I did not like the Lingua.  I have to say it was very intensely flavored beef.  Cooked Chili Verde style in a green salsa it was very tender and melted in my mouth.  The carnitas was actually the fail here.  It was just a greasy mess that lacked seasoning.

On my new Four Fresh Apples Scale,
0- Avoid

1- Good

2- Fresh Food, Good Service
3- Outstanding Food, Outstanding Service
4- This Place is a Destination 

     I pick one Fresh Apple for this restaurant.  I felt like the lack of spice and care on two standard dishes and the fact that the payment method lends to and awkward back and forth between the cafe and register.  Some of the food was really very well done though and you just have to approach it like a good street food cart.
Love Food, Live Life!
La Michoacana Taqueria

1508 Midwestern Pkwy Wichita Falls, TX 76302
(940) 761-3938

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