Sunday, December 11, 2011

South Western Breakfast Scramble

Second to Italian food I LOVE breakfast!  I worked at Denny's for a few years and I loved it just because I could eat breakfast at anytime.  There are so many ways to cook a simple egg.  I was a big fan of over-medium but have recently moved towards the scrambled.  I love to add peppers and onions to my scrambled eggs, squeeze in some ketchup, and dowse it with Tabasco!

Potatoes in general are a favorite of mine as well.  Again there are endless ways to cook the plain ole potato.  For breakfast I'm a big fan of small cut home fries with peppers and onions, just love peppers and onions I guess!  My favorite breakfast is the hash brown though.  I like them extra crispy.  I like them nearly burned in fact!

So being addicted to breakfast as I am, and having lots of friends who think they can't cook, I figured I would whip up a simple breakfast with everything all in one bowl.  It's jalapeno, carrot, peppers, onions, and sausage.  All cooked in one skillet so there is little to clean up!

South Western Breakfast Scramble
Here is what you will need:

a bag of your favorite hash browns with peppers and onions, or make your own
shredded carrot
chopped white onion
diced bell pepper
black pepper

So I cheat with my hash browns as you can see from the picture above :)  These potatoes are great though, they are fresh never frozen and I found them in Albertsons right next to the breakfast meats.  As far as measurements it all depends on your taste and how many you are cooking for, you can not really mess it up, that is the beauty of a dish like this. 

 I shred my carrots so they cook faster, dice my onion and bell pepper.  I cut the jalapeno into rings and remove the seeds.  I like to start my hash browns first as I like them dark.  Then when ready add every thing else!  You may want to brown the sausage and crumble it up first tho, it was hard to get it to crumble and the hash browns soak up some major grease, but it is not impossible to do.  That is it, plate, serve, and enjoy!  A quick easy breakfast for all you people that say "I can't cook!" Oh yes you can!  I have said it before and I will say it again.  Cooking is only as hard as you make it!

What is your favorite breakfast?

Love Food, Live Life!


  1. This looks delicious I will definitely cook this recipe. Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Anytime! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

  3. Love experimenting with new recipes, thank you for sharing this.

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