Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hibiscus Cafe

I was really excited to go to Hibiscus Cafe just the other day and let me tell you it was better than I had imagined.  I love what little Greek food I have tried, mainly gyros and a nice Greek Salad.  This little restaurant goes beyond that!  I was very nice to see items on a menu that I was completely unfamiliar with.  Half the adventure of dining out is trying something new or a new twist on an old favorite.  This menu offered both. 

It is a small restaurant which I like.  It was also busy which is another thing to look for when trying new restaurants.  I always ask around as well and everyone seemed to love it that tried it.  One thing I need to point out that I also loved was a small message at the bottom of the menu.  It was something like this-"Due to the freshness of our ingredients we can not guarantee availability of all dishes" now that made my day!  Some of you may think what the hell!  If it is on the menu then I better be able to order it!  You obviously do not love food the way I and the owners of this restaurant do!  I would rather not have it than have a stale version of a dish.  This statement shows pride and care for the food and the guest.

We started off with an appetizer of Dolmadakia.  It is seasoned ground beef and rice wrapped in grape leaves and topped with a lemon sauce.  They were so good!  The portion was perfect for two or three to share and the zesty lemon flavor was right up my alley!  My first time eating grape leaves and I am on the hunt for some to cook with for sure!

Both meals came with a beautiful Greek Salad.  Taste better than it looks!  And I think it looks awesome!

My Mom had the Lemon Chicken.  Again it looks very good and delivers on the flavor.

If you know me or have been following this bolg then you know I'm all about lamb.  They had a lamb steak on the menu so naturally that is what I had.  It was seasoned wonderfully and cooked very well.  Both the dishes also came with Lemon Potatoes.  At first I was leery but O.M.G.!  I had an instant addiction.  I love zest and the potatoes popped with the zesty lemon flavor.  Potatoes absorb a lot of flavor so it was an awesome pairing.

If you live in Wichita Falls or the surrounding area and know a restaurant I should try pleas let me know!  You can contact me on Facebook @ C.j. Tate, Twitter @ DaFallsFoodie, or email me @!
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