Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Orleans Connection -This restasurant is now CLOSED :(

 This restasurant is now CLOSED :(
This restaurant is the exact reason I started this blog originally.  It is a new restaurant in town and is family owned.  They were in New Orleans at the time of Katrina and have the photo's of their old house on the walls to prove it.  They opened a restaurant called the New Orleans Connection here in Wichita Falls and you are missing out if you don't get down there.

The food is home style Cajun/Soul food.  It is cooked with passion and it shows.  The day I went in they had just had a problem with the coolers but in true restaurateur fashion and foodie passion it did not stop them for the day.  They served what they could and did it with pride, pleasure, and confidence.

I am a huge fan of home cooked style dining and that is what it is.  The first time I noticed the restaurant was when I went down town for the Fourth Annual Wichita Falls Cajun Festival.  One of the proprietors was chatting it up outside with a friend and when I stopped to check out the place they welcomed me with open arms.  This was refreshing for me for a couple reasons.

Reason #1:  It seems too often that I dine out and the server or even management acts like they are doing ME a favor by showing up to work.  WRONG!!!! I will gladly dine in a place like New Orleans Connection where my business is appreciated.

Reason #2:  I have recently approached some of the management and business owners trying to explain my blog and how it provides FREE advertisement for them.  They all act like I'm trying to sell them something or like I want something in return.  It is quite the opposite.  I added this restaurant to and ask nothing in return.  In the long run it will bring success to us both :)  I greatly appreciate that you remembered me and welcomed me so openly.

Now too what I had to eat...

I had the pork chops with red beans and rice.  It is normally served with cabbage but rather than give me food poisoning the kindly explained that it was unavailable due to the refrigeration issue.  I know I like cabbage so I am actually glad that was the case.  The reason being I am not fond of beans and would never have ordered them.  I do believe in trying things you don't like more often than most as I realize my taste has greatly changed over the years.  The Red  Beans and rice where so good I almost made the mistake of eating all of it before my Pork Chop!  The Pork Chop was done equally well.  It was flavorful and had just a hint of the peppery spice I most associate with Cajun food.

My Mom wanted to try the sausage, thank the lord above she did not see it on the menu.  Sausage is good.  We all know that.  If it is not actually made on site then what's the point.  (I don't know if they make theirs.  That may be the case so be sure to ask when you visit.)  She ended up with fried chicken wing.  And after years in the restaurant business I can tell you these are market bought chicken wings.  They did not come in some bag pre-breaded and frozen.  They were full 3 piece wings.  I don't remember the last time I saw whole wings from a restaurant.  I also get the feeling they may have been actually pan fried.

Do your self a favor and check this place out.  It is sure to be I spot I can be found in often.  I hope do see  you there soon, and don't be shy! If you see me there say hi and join me!!!!!!

Love Food, Live Life!
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  1. Nice, big fan of cajun/creole cooking, best food I ever had outside of home was in New Orleans. Can't wait to check them out.

  2. Thanx and be sure to spread the word around town!!!

  3. My friends and I had lunch there today it was so good!!! Service was outstanding! I come from the deep South (Biloxi) I am also a transplant here from Katrina. Pam you and Hubby have brought what I miss the most about the gulfcoast "The Food". Everyone should come check it out great food cooked by a great family