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2011: A Foodie Odyssey part 10: Russia featuring Pierogie!

Once again we venture to another country with our taste buds.  In this instalment of 2011: A Foodie Odyssey (2011: A.F.O.) we travel to Russia.  The Russian Federation is HUGE!  It is the largest county in the world and is made up of 83 Federal Subjects.  Needless to say with that tid bit of info the food is very diverse.  I had so many options to choose from while I looking at recipes.  But then a piece of nostalgia made my decision for me. 

When I was younger my friends mom used to make Pierogi.  I did not know it had it's roots in Russia at the time.  I just loved the homemade Hot Pocket idea.  In fact I can't stand Hot Pockets and the Pierogi is a lot of the reason why.  If you don't know; Pierogi is a dough stuffed with what ever you can imagine and traditionally boiled.  I tried it boiled but was not a fan of the texture.  I par-boiled mine then fried them for some texture.

Link to original recipe

Here is what you'll need:

For The Dough
2 large eggs
2cups flour
2 ounces cream cheese
1/2 teaspoon salt

For My Filling: (Don't be afraid to make your own!)
1/3 pound potato
1/2 pound lean ground beef
sweet yellow onion
3 cloves fresh garlic
garlic powder to taste
2 tablespoons sour cream
salt and black pepper to taste

I made my filling first.  I used a garlic mash potato and ground beef filling.  Start by boiling your potatoes.  You can start you meat about half way through the boiling process. The meat is simple, dice half of a good sized sweet yellow onion and brown your meat.  Put the onion in from the start so it will be nice and tender.  I drain my meat then add the seasoning.  I used salt and pepper and that was it.  When your  potatoes are done make sure to let them cool before you add milk or sour cream.  If you don't you can sour the dairy products and pay for it later.  I add the minced garlic clove, garlic powder (to taste) salt, chopped chives, sour cream and milk and mash away!  Finish off by mixing the potato and meat together and set aside.

I hate making dough.  Or rather dough making hates me.  The reason I don't bake is because it is all so accurate and precise.  Off by a teaspoon and you FAIL.  I pulled this one off though!  I made a huge mess but I did it. I did not use a food processor like the recipe called for, mine is very small.  I did it in a pot by hand.  I added the flour and salt and made sure to whisk it together thoroughly.  I then added the remaining ingredients an kneaded away with vigor.  It was a sticky mess but kinda fun. (I am still a boy at heart & enjoy making a good mess!)  I made sure to throw some flour on my cutting board and proceeded to roll out the dough.  You want it thin but you need it to hold together so don't go to thin.  I used a class to cut out small rounds.  Be sure to flour your hands and start putting them together. I used 1 and a half table spoons for each pocket.  You can boil them.  You can fry them.  Or you can do both.  I did both.

Overall they where  very good but kind of a pain in the @$$ to make.  The flavor was awesome.  Frying them gave them a nice texture.  In retrospect should have added some cheese to the filling!  It would be like breaded loaded mased potatoes with beef!  But they where good anyway and very filling.  I would serve with some veggies and might even smother them in country gravy. Ohh man I gotta go I just made myself hungry!

2011: A Foodie Odyssey part 11 will feature Mongolia!!!!! Don't forget to vote at the top of the page!

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