Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alfredo's Mexican Cafe

If you have been following my blog then you know I enjoy Latin food!  I am especially fond of Mexican food as I grew up in the back country of San Diego.  Being a border town of course there is a heavy Mexican influence.  I grew up eating at hole in the wall taco shops to Tijuana street food! 

On my journey doing restaurant reviews for Wichita Falls, I have learned one thing for sure.  The Mexican restaurants here are pretty much the same.  I did enjoy Jefe's a great deal.  I also found another place I could grow fond of.  Alfredo's Mexican Cafe. Their menu has some unique items.  It also has a beautiful decor and was soooooo clean!  It really felt homey inside.  The carved wooden chairs are beautiful and lend a hand to that homey felling.  The bar area looked very well kept, and stocked!  Gonna have to go back and review that a little closer soon!

One of my favorite meals growing up was chili verde.  My Mom's is quite different than any others though.  Her chili verde is thick and gravy like.  I  always order it at a new Mexican restaurant, it's my classic go to dish.  I know its always going to be different and one day maybe I'll get one like Mom makes! This one was close.  Here it went under the name of Guiso De Puerco.  Slightly different yet the same.  The pork was nice and tender and the sauce was thicker than most others that I have had.
The standard rice and beans where good as well.

My Mom had Tacos Adobados.  It was pork simmered in Adobo sauce, rice, beans, and a Pineapple Hot Sauce.  It was a debate about this dish.  It reminded me of classic tacos from Mexico.  Soft corn tortilla's and the pork is chopped real fine.  I loved it my Mom not so much.  I suggest you stop by and judge for yourself!

Overall I enjoyed it and plan on going back, they have a few more dishes that I want to try. 

Love Food, Live Life!

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