Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mc Bride's

McBride's Steaks on Urbanspoon When I moved out here I was excited.  I love my steak and BBQ, and here I was, in a region of the country that was known for both.  I had a few bad experiences as some of these places.  Then I was introduced by my Mom to McBride's.  It is one of the restaurants that my Mom and her friends frequent and I look forward to getting the call to meet them there for lunch.

Anyone that goes out for a steak dinner knows it's hard to find a place that cooks a steak the way you like.  Finding that perfect medium rare can be difficult.  Anyone that cooks steak for a living knows that a lot of people don't really know what a true medium or medium well is. Your idea of medium is really a medium well, so you send it back. And just for the record "Pink" is not a temperature.  All this confusion makes it difficult for a steak house chef.
Well those of you that know what the true temperatures are then you will always leave satisfied from McBride's.  Not to say that there wont be the occasional mistake, it's just the nature of the business.  But I have yet to have that happen to me on my many visits.  The service has always been top notch, something I appreciate being a server myself.  It's one of those laid back country dining rooms that I have come to love, right down to the various animal heads on the walls. 

They have a very reasonable and FULL menu. You need not go just for the steak, they do it all well.  Tho I have not made it past the rib eye, it's my addiction.  I'm happy that I found this place and I hope if you haven't tried it you will.  Your sure to have a great meal with great service.  When it comes down to it that's what your out for and it's what they do best!

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