Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jefe's Bar & Grill

I love Latin food.  Not just the standard Mexican we all have come to recognize and enjoy.  The fact is the Mexican food we know is very Americanized.  I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico when I was about 23.  My first roommate was from there, and asked me to tag along when he returned to get married.  The thing that stands out most in my mind about the trip is the food and hospitality.  The food was far removed from what I'm used to. 

The taco shells were never fried.  I never saw a taquito nor a burrito.  I did not eat chips and salsa with a single meal.  There were small taco and street food vendors everywhere, serving home cooked food from a hot cart.  I tried cow brains, goat, menudo, lingua (toungue), and an assortment of other animal parts I would never have thought to eat.  I was impressed with myself, this was Bizzare Foods

Getting to the point I was taken back to that time just last Saturday :)  I was invited to go out with some friends from work to "Latin Night" at a local restaurant called Jefe's Bar & Grill.  It was my first time there, and my first night out dancing in over a year.  Those who know me well know that I love to go out and dance and just have a good time.  For me to go a whole year was agonizing.  The people I work with in the front of the house don't like to go out and dance, we usually just end up at a local bar or Buffalo Wild Wings.  I was excited when I was invited.  Jefe's did not disappoint.  It was Latin music the whole night, I could not understand a word of the music, and the friends I was with have a limited English vocabulary.  But we all spoke the language of rhythm!  They tear down all the tables at 10:30 on Saturday nights and it becomes a small club.  Nothing fancy, just good music and friends enjoying a good time. 

After having such a good time I had to go back and try the food.  They serve Peruvian food as well as the standard Mexican fare.  Lunch is cheap and they have great lunch specials as well.  I did not notice any Peruvian food on the lunch menu, the dinner menu is where it's at!  I will have to go back and try dinner for sure.  For lunch I had the "Jefe's Plate" which was marinated beef (they offer chicken as well) red peppers, onions, and cheese.  Served with rice and beans this dish was delicious!  It was slightly spicy and the veggies were grilled to perfection.  The rice was cooked perfectly and the beans were not all dried out like I have come to expect.

My Aunt had a burrito that was at least a foot long!  It was not filled to the brim with fillers like rice and beans though they both made their appearance in the burrito.  My Mom had a combination enchilada and taco plate that did not disappoint.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and the food is delicious and a home cooked style.  I can't wait to go back for dinner, and you can be sure I will be posting an update when I do.  I really want to try some Peruvian food!

What is your favorite Latin dish?  Whats your favorite Latin restaurant?

Switzerland was the winner of this weeks 2011: A Foodie Odyssey!  Albania will be posted soon, I'm cooking right after this is posted!  Thanks to all those that voted!  The new poll will be up soon! So be sure to check back!

Love Food, Live Life!

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