Thursday, January 13, 2011

News on upcoming features and posts!

I have been swamped between blogging and work.  I have started training for a new positon at work that I'm excited about, and lined up some great stories and recipes for upcoming posts.  Not to mention that the eKwipper APP. will be out soon which I was fortunate to asked to be a part of.

First I'd like to tell you a little about some upcoming posts that I'm really excited about.  I'll start with The Julian Pie Co..  It's where I held my first job peeling apples at 3 A.M. so the bakers would have fresh apple to work with.  I consider them a big influence in my passion for food.  It's where I got my start in an industry I truly love.  I have been in contact with The Pie Co. and am lining up an interview with it's founder Liz Smother's.  The article will also feature a Pork Apple Pie I made from their Cookbook.

I was in the midst of making a Roasted Chicken and Grapes recipe when I was stuck by an idea perfectly suited for my blog.  Watch this video I made and I'll explain things a little further...

So the idea for 2011 A Foodie Odyssey has developed into a culinary journey around the world.  The idea is to post a poll every week featuring several Countries from one of the seven Continent's.  Each week the READERS will vote for the country they would like to see a dish from, and I will feature a special post the following week.  Seven Continents, 50 weeks, 50 different Countries, who knows how many dishes we'll see from mains, to sides, to deserts, and what ever else I can find in between!
And the votes are in for week one! Morocco! A Country in north Africa.  Any suggestions as to recipes?...

When I started this blog I intended to do more video to go along with my posts.  I'm now getting a better grip on cooking, filming, and taking photo's so you can look forward to seeing more video.  I'd like to re-post my first recipe from my blog.  As I have many new readers who may have missed out on one of my absolute favorite dishes I'd like to take a short stroll down memory lane...

Thanks to all my new readers and everyone who has given me support on my endeavour.  I'm having a blast blogging and hope to keep you all in the kitchen LOVIN' FOOD AND LIVIN' LIFE!

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