Saturday, December 11, 2010

Opa's Schintzel Haus


     I can't remember where I heard about this place.  But Urbanspoon helped once again in my search for a new restaurant.  I was browsing through types of cuisine and found one heading under German Food.  Opa's Schnitzel Haus!
    I am always on the hunt to for something new and I found it.  The little bit I thought I knew about 
German food was Schnitzel.  My first experience with it was when an ex-girlfriend of mine breaded, super thin cut chicken cutlets and called it Chicken Schnitzel.  Which I guess it could be classified as.  But I had always thought that it was pork prepared the same way.  Come to find out it was originally veal cutlets.  Both beef and lamb. 
     Opa's offered pork, which was fine by me.  Gonna have to try to make my own with the veal though. (Don't get all upset! follow this link and do some reading... It's not what it used to be!)    There was a full lunch/dinner menu ranging from $4.25 a sandwich and up to $12.95 for a Schnitzel platter, of which there should be enough variety of toppings to please every one.  Toppings went from a fried egg, to brown gravy and mushrooms, to a spicy tomato based sauce.
     Germany is not as well known for their food as their beer unfortunately.  Speaking of beer I tried a German beer I've never had while I was there.  Franziskaner Hefeweizwen Hell/Dunkel.  I'm a fan of Hefeweizen type beer which I know as a wheat beer.  A thick rich golden color is what I'm familiar with, but this was a deep amber color.  Dark beer is my personal choice so I was delighted to see a towering glass of amber colored Hefeweizen in front of me.  It was smooth, light, as Hefeweizen should be. But it also had that classic sweetness that seems to accompany amber style beer.  It was greatly appreciated and paired well with the dish I chose.
     Each platter starts with a salad and the customary choices of dressing.  I was bewildered when the salad arrived.  It consisted of an obviously seasoned carrot type salad, a cabbage and tomato type salad, a cucumber type salad that was dressed with a dill and cucumber dressing would be my best guess, and iceberg lettuce.  Being served in a small wooden bowl added to the charm of a modern pub-style dining room.  When all mixed together it was perfectly dressed and just ruined by a foreign topping such as ranch dressing. 
     I opted for the Zigunerschintzel.  It is their Schnitzel topped with a spicy tomato and pepper sauce as I am partial to spicy foods.  I was worried that with the thin cutlet it might be dry.  Far from it.  It was juicy and flavorful.  The tomato sauce teamed well with the seasoning of the breading, which was surprisingly not over powered.  I had a side of bratkartoffel.  Sauteed potatoes with onions and seasonings.  They where a pleasant contrast to the zesty Zigunerschitzel, and sweet Franziskaner Hefeweizen. 
     My Mom, who has become my accomplice in my Foodie adventures, decided to play it safe and get the original schnitzel.  It was well spiced, juicy, and with a squeeze of the lemon it's served with, purely addictive.  Served on the side by  my Mom's request was "Rotkraut".  A sweeter with a slight tinge of sour Red Cabbage type of Kraut.  Mom was not a big fan, she likes more sour and zesty dishes.  I on the other hand with a new found respect for sweeter dishes loved it. Served warm it was a nice off balance to the bite of lemon from the Schnitzel.
     We had the traditional Strudel desert, ours had a raspberry and cream cheese filling.  Topped generously with powder sugar it looked amazing.  And it was!  The pastry was perfectly flaky and broke under my spoon.  The raspberry cream cheese was tasty and rich.  The strudel was split between the two of us who where stuffed but ordered dessert just to say we did. And by the end we where fighting a duel with raspberry cream cheese covered spoons over the last bite!
     I highly recommend you give this place a try.  It has been there four months and I wish them a bright and busy future.  A return trip is definitely in my mind and it can't be soon enough.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did an tell'em the Wichita Falls Foodie pointed you in their direction!

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  1. I'd definitely be all about the strudel with raspberry cream cheese filling...yum! I've actually never been to a German restaurant--there is only one in our area, and I've been warned that it doesn't have much vegetarian fare :) But it sounds like you had a great experience!

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  3. the strudel looks good.reading this post sure made me hungry!

  4. Yum, I'm a big fan of German food since trying it in Vegas last year. If you ever go there, try Hofbrauhaus - it's awesome!

    - Maggie

  5. I love going to German restaurants.
    I remember one time thinking, "Oh, I don't want to eat that much, I'll just get the pork instead of big brats." Well, they brought out a 13 oz. fried pork chop over a plate of mashed potatoes bigger than my head! Needless to say, I like what they do.
    Also, Hefeweizen is my favorite too! Gotta love those wheat beers.

  6. Thank you so much for all the nice things you had to say about us and our restaurant. We really appreciate the feedback! We hope to see you again soon and we posted your great article on our Facebook Page aswell !

    Thanks again