Sunday, November 28, 2010

Panda Kitichen

     I avoid fast food if at all possible.  It's a battle let me tell you.  In today's modern world of go, go, go, it can be hard to find the time in your day to eat at home or a meal without profuse amounts of saturated fat.  There are fast food establishments that can get you going without requiring you to purchase a new wardrobe if it becomes a habit.
     One of many such places is a gem in the rough just yards away from one of the busiest intersections in town.  Panda Kitchen.  It's a small drive round only, with the exception of a couple stone picnic tables out front, and service is fast and friendly.  With the average menu price of $6 its a steal.  The menu is actually large if you ask for a take home menu as apposed to the  10 or so choices on the drive up board.
     I had seen this place nearly every day since I moved to Wichita Falls and had been afraid to try it.  Yes me lover of the hole in the wall, "should I be eating here?" restaurant was afraid.  For a completely different reason than the cleanliness factor.  I'm relatively new to Far Eastern Food. Growing up I hated it but true to what Mom instilled in me I kept trying it.  One day I took to it and have been running with it ever since.And if I didn't find a restaurant to replace the fast food style Far Eastern Food I was accustomed to I would be crushed. Still not a seafood fan but its growing on me, but another time for that.    
     They have something for all from veggie to beef.  They fill the average to go container with rice and your main course. I mean they fill that bad boy up and includes a pork spring roll!  I ate there twice and both times it made two meals for me.  I wonder if the college kids just blocks up the street know about this place? 
     I come from Southern California, and Southern Nevada, even had a stint in Oregon, and I miss Rice King and Panda Express which are both lacking in Wichita Falls.  Not the best but fast and filling.  Well Panda Kitchen blows them both out of the water and is much more fresh. You can see all the fresh prepped veggies in the refrigerator if you walk up and order at the front window.  I get my fix and both me and my wallet don't break our diets.
     Two years ago they were formerly known as "A Taste of China" , I was told by a server as I made some conversation while I waited for my order.  That was before my time and saddens me.  I bet with a full kitchen and the atmosphere of the Chinese influence would have been an experience.  But I'm glad to have Panda Kitchen now and I suggest you give it a try yourself and come to your own conclusion.  It will be worth the $6 and you'll save a notch in the belt as well perhaps if your first choice is that double burger for 99 cents.

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